We are service focused. Working after hours to get information to a client in a different time zone, leading destination site inspections on a 24/7 basis, dealing with endless program alterations, taking calls on personal cell phones, highlighting, graphically, our unique service ethos as your number one DMC in Albania. This service attitude is our bedrock, the heart and soul of our value proposition. We work from this space always, protecting, nurturing and cultivating this mind set.

A Destination Marketer. Our local knowledge and expertise creates added demand for events taking place in Albania and all the Balkan Countries. DMCs are professionals in the delivery of company incentives and know that corporate meetings and events are not an end in themselves but merely the means by which objectives are achieved. Jona Travel DMC knows how to position its destinations in Albania & Balkan to deliver on corporate objectives and thus be the perfect destination marketer for every sector. Being creative destination marketers is another core element of our value proposition.

Our Core Organizational Values. As the preeminent organization for Destination Management services we deliver:

  • Excellence and ethical business practices
  • Professional relationships and extensive knowledge of local areas and resources
  • Highly specialized consulting from every aspect of event programming and logistics (program design, logistics management, supplier management and accounting) to event execution
  • Access to leveraging lower prices by using high purchasing power to negotiate preferential rates with local vendors and suppliers.
  • Assist with language barriers
  • Quality service and financial success
  • Allow you, the client to manage your VIPs, enjoy dinner, and bask in the accolades for a successful event
  • Environmentally sustainable recognition and opportunities to ‘green up’
  • We are your trusted partner to make sure everything goes well and troubleshooting any issues that may come up.