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Korca, Voskopoja and Dardha

Korca,  known as “ The City of Serenades”  and   the birthplace of Albania's first Albanian school and education in general is one the most interesting cities of the country. Due to its artistic tendencies and the aristocratic way of life, during the 1930’ it was often called “Paris of the Balkan peninsula “.  Korca's original architecture together with its Ottoman and French influences, wide tree-lined boulevards and ample parks provide a completely unique experience in Albania. The Resurrection church with its high dome and colorful icons lays in the very center of the city not far away from The Museum of Education, once the first Albanian school. The Old Bazaar, with traditional regional restaurants, coffee –shops, live music pubs gives the opportunity to feel the real spirit of the city. Not far from Korca, we will visit the village of Voskopoja.  Located west of Korca, Voskopoja sits 1,200 meters above sea-level and is a perfect place for hiking and walking. Rich in history, during the 1700s it has been said that over 30,000 people resided in the village, as it was an epicentre for trade, culture, education and religion. In the past, Voskopoja had over twenty Orthodox churches; however now only seven are still standing – complete with 18th frescos, both inside and out they are worth checking out. The landscape of Voskopoja and its surroundings are stunning, and this easy going hike to the neighbouring village of Shipska is interesting and a perfect escape from Korca for the day. Early in the morning we leave the village of Voskopoja and direct to Dardha. Dardha lies 20 km from Korca at an altitude of over 1,300m above sea level. Founded centuries ago by families fleeing the occupation of central Albania, this remote mountain village is nestled between the Morava and Gramoz Mountains. The well preserved stone homes highlight a proud village that has been left largely untouched over time. The green fields, fresh summer days and cold snowy winters make Dardha a popular tourist destination throughout the year for its unparalleled natural, architectural and culinary traditions. A hike around the Morava Mountains will allow us to discover the cultural, traditions and the architecture of this unique village, Enjoy traditional regional cuisine the birthplace of the famous lakror pie, prepared in the most traditional way.   

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Vlora, Saranda, Butrinti, The Blue Eye and Gjirokaster

Discover the first capital of Albania, also called the City of Independence, Vlora. After a panoramic ride through the city the first stop is at the central square “Flag Square” and after a short explanation you can enter into the museum of independence and admire historical facts of Albanian first government. Proceed by the amazing seashore of Ionian sea and start driving through Albanian Riviera. After a short photography break in the highest point of the National Park of Llogara,  we proceed our panoramic trip through many touristic villages of south Albania and then make a lunch stop in Borsh. Accommodation in hotel in Saranda. The park of Butrint is a source of national pride. It was declared a world heritage center by UNESCO in 1992, and its 12 hectares are part of wetland areas with international importance protected by the RAMSAR convention. The city was built around the XIII century BC by the Trojans according to the Mythology. The strategic control of Butrint in Ion and land parts in the Balkans makes it desirable from major European powers since the First Peloponnesian war in the V century up to those Hellenic, Roman, Byzantine, Venetian and Ottoman. The Blue Eye, which is located on the main road between Saranda and Gjirokastra, just 25 km away from Saranda town, is a karts source, the best known and most unique in Albania. The legends of the country are many, but what dominates is that of a beautiful girl who was sacrificed to the gods to have for free the pure water source. The place is appropriate for the daily tourism, exploring the many areas of green, among the old century plane-trees the dense shrubs and the several water sources. Gjirokastra - the "Stone City", situated in the southern part of Albania only 1 hour far from Saranda city, on the eastern slope of mountain Mali i Gjere. It is a commercial center in South Albania, it produces foodstuffs, leather, and textiles. There are several 18th-century mosques and churches and an old citadel (rebuilt in the 19th cent.) in the town. 

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