Elbasan, Pogradec and Korca

Our first stop is the city of Elbasan, where we will visit the historic center with the clock tower looking over the city. Then we will walk to the old neighborhood within the castle of the XV century where different churches and mosques are located. After Elbasan, we will take the road and follow Shkumbini valley where the combination of high mountains and dense forests offer a picturesque view. Our next stop is Driloni National Park, one of the most famous touristic Albanian places. It used to be a favorite spot of the Albanian communist leader, where we will have a lunch break in the middle of Driloni National Park. We will proceed to Korca, the city of serenades and   the birthplace of Albania's first Albanian school and education in general. Due to its artistic tendencies and the aristocratic way of life, during the 1930’ it was often called “Paris of the Balkan peninsula"
Korca's original architecture together with its Ottoman and French influences, wide tree-lined boulevards and ample parks provide a completely unique experience in Albania. The Resurrection church with its high dome and colorful icons lays in the very center of the city not far away from The Museum of Education, once the first Albanian school. The Old Bazaar, with traditional regional restaurants, coffee –shops, live music pubs gives the opportunity to feel the real spirit of the city.

Meeting/pick-up point:  Hotel 
Duration: 10 Hours
Start/opening time: 08:00
End/closing time: 18:00
Languages: German, English, French, Italian Russian and Polish. 
Inclusions: Guide, Lunch
Exclusions: Entrance fees
Minimum Pax: 15


  • Elbasan
  • Pogradec
  • Korçë


  1. Tirana
  2. Elbasan
  3. Pogradec
  4. Korce